Input from Alexa into Node Red

I have a Camera AI program that I can control through telegram messages. I'm wanting to use Node Red to be able to receive messages from Alexa and then send them on to Telegram.

I'm not sure how to get the input from Alexa into Node Red, if that is possible. I'm looking at being able to input a command such as " RESTART CAMERA" into Node Red.

I'm already using 'node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel' to control Alexa devices.

Add an Alexa event node set to device activity, add a debug set to complete message object, and see what it outputs when you speak to Alexa

Are you wanting to say "Alexa, restart camera" that will then send some sort of payload to Node Red that you can then react to and send a Telegram message to your Camera AI program??? If that's the case, then:

The Alexa Event Node in Applestrudel will listen to what you say and send a message with the contents of what you said in the full payload. Connect a Debug Node with Complete Message Payload as the Output to the Alexa Event node and say something to Alexa. It will show you what Alexa heard and where it is stored within the payload. You can then react in Node Red based on that.

Alexa probably won't recognize what you said so you can create an Alexa blueprint Custom Q&A with the commands are using so that Alexa recognizes your command and then do nothing.

I use these techniques for room-aware commands so I can say "It's hot in here". Then, based on which Echo device heard me, turn on the ceiling fan in the room that I am in.

I don't use Telegram so I do not know how to do that part. Hopefully I am understanding what you are trying to accomplish.

Thank you to both of you- perfect. :slight_smile:

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