TTS with Denon Receiver

I struggled getting TTS to work with my Denon receiver and I thought I would post a few tips here in hopes of saving others a bit of time;

  1. Play_media loads a resource and plays it BUT ALSO adds it to the queue (playlist). This leads to strange behavior on subsequent messages. The new message is played and then the queue starts playing. I have no idea why this happens.

  2. The solution is to call the clear_playlist service before issuing another command.

  3. I only need a few sound bites they are static. Rather than call Amazon Polly repeatedly I have saved the responses in mp3 files and now use those files.

  4. The easiest way to access them is put them in a folder under www in your ha installation.

  5. I use this in my service call to play_media (data):


"media_content_id": "{{payload}}.mp3",
"media_content_type": "music"

There would normally be a port number but I am reverse proxying with nginX which handles the SSL and forwards to 1823 on the VM running HA.

I hope this saves someone a few cycles.

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