Turn Light off if temperature drops within a specific time period

Hi guys,
maybe you can help me. I want to turn off a light if a measured temperature changes a predefined interval within a given time period. E.G. if the temperature drops from 35° to 30° within 15 minutes, turn the light off.

Can you give me a hint how to make?

Will it always be a fixed set of temperatures?
What happens if the temp rises again?

What happens if the temp change takes 16 minutes?

Your going to have to start playing with counters and contain most of this in a function node but I think what @zenofmud is getting at is there are more scenarios that are going to need be taken into account to get it to really function how you imagine it will. What you want sounds simple in a sense but it’s probably not so simple. I suggest starting super simple and building on it to get into it.

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