Tuya smoke detector not connected

Hi there,

I thought I solved the problem with the Tuya node.
Now I have a smoke detector and would like to integrate it into Nodered. My thermostat can be integrated without any problems. In the Tuya cloud, both drives are present and marked as online. Both devices are also there on my cell phone (Tuya app). In Nodered I have trained the smoke detector as well as my thermostat. (ID + key)
The thermostat can be read and controlled in Nodered. The smoke detector does not connect to the Tuya cloud (not connect). The only difference is that the thermostat is constantly powered. The smoke detector is powered by a battery, probably going to sleep. Nevertheless, the Tuya node should fetch the data from the Tuya cloud. Has anyone had a similar experience, or has a hot tip for me.


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