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@knolleary, @dceejay

Firstly, I appreciate how busy you guys are right now (I've seen all the recent commits) so thank you for even reading this :crossed_fingers:

I wonder if it would be possible to slip a very simple request in before 1.1 beta please?

It is to add a very small enhancement to the typedInput widget - permitting a node to set the tooltip of an option or checkbox item in the typed input. I find this preferable to very long option texts.


I believe all that is required is to add...

if (opt.title) {
    op.prop('title', opt.title)

... at this line in typedInput.js

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Even though I'm (so far) only a custom node maintainer, I second this from the user perspective.

Such long select options would be IMO out of the question, so the only reasonable way currently would be to have the descriptions in the documentation. However in this case as the descriptions are simple one liners, they'd be much more convenient displayed as tooltips.

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Happy to look at a pull request on the dev branch.


Thanks Nick.

As requested: https://github.com/node-red/node-red/pull/2586

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