TypeError: BlueLinky is not a constructor

Hello members,

I'm a complete noob to Node-Red.
I'm trieng to use bluelinky for node-red. I installed the package via the manage pallet.
For bluelinky I need to configure a configuration node. When I save this node, in the debug and commandpormpt this error pops up: " [error] [bluelinky:90233f154abdcf74] TypeError: BlueLinky is not a constructor"

How can I fix this issue?

I've seen it working at my brothers perfectly fine.
I tried to re-install both blulinky and node-red and node.js. Unfortunaly without any success.

Hi, as this is a contributed node, you will need to get in touch with the author. Normally, you do this by raising an issue on their GitHub repo which is linked from the flows entry.