Ui_artlessguage Font Issue

Look over the Label on the top, since the last update they got unreadable.

Please add info about the site configuration

That does not help too much. What I asked was the info about the dashboard site configuration.
Can't help otherwise.

Every time I see your pic, there are a whole plethora of things that run trough my mind.....not good...LOL :slight_smile:

It's never a good idea to insult people who are trying to help you...

Its not him, its that damn picture....

24x24 unit size is not a good choice. Not all widgets have full support of that small unit size.
Combining small size with widget vertical spacing 0 produces what you see. Those values are very extreme.
I can't see any reason why it is needed for your dashboard. I think you can easily get same result with default 48x48.

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Because there are 6 graphs, 6 gauges, and 1 win indicator that you can't get into a 48x48 let alone a 28x28

When you pack things together your need more opportunity to line things up and save space.

There is now way to get this at 48x48

Hmm. To save space, the unit size is not the tool I'd take as magic wand. Unit size fine tuning may help you to target dashboard layout to fit nicely to dedicated screen sizes, you are using.
Space saving may be achieved by doing a research of data representation techniques on topic of squeezing a lot of information into small areas. (or something like that)

Here is my dashboard which is targeted to look nice with smartphone and 8'' tablet. I don't care about the desktop layout but lays out correct even here.
And yes, to make it to fit perfectly for devices my sizes are not default but 35x34 (hard to call fine tuning)

But 24x24 is just overkill for most of widgets. I have tried it and that is not something you should do to make the dashboard looking good enough but same time preserving the readability.

Can you send me that flow. I want to incorporate some of it like the rounded corners, and the auto buttons.What browser do you use? Can you adjust any of the settings to your devices? The language throws me a bit. But I understand most of the functionality.

You don't need my flow. But you may be interested how to achieve something similar. And most of that is already shared here.

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