Ui as root fails after flow modification (Balena)


A topic that probably passed here several times and I don't seem to be able to find a solution.
I am running node red as a service container in balenaOS. I would like to set the dachboard-ui as root.
I manage to accomplish that by setting the following in settings.js:
httpAdminRoot: '/admin',
ui: { path: "/" },

The problem ocures when I perform a deploy for whatever change (as small as moving a node a little bit) I do. At that moment the root gives me "Cannot GET /".
If I push the modified flows to my fleet, everything works fine again. To have to push every change to the fleet, instead of just modifying on the device itself is time consuming to say the least.

Am I missing something important here?

Thanks in advance.

Node red v2.0.6
Node.js v12.22.6

Hello, i'm using adminAuth instead of httpAdminRoot but maybe that doesn't work for you.

What nodeRED are you using on balena?

What exactly do mean with "What nodeRED..."? version of node-red or.. ?
I'll have a closer look at adminAuth.

I am using the adminAuth to provide a user with password to have full access. default user only read access. At first sight, I don't really see anything in the documentation that refers to the ui- or ui-editor path... unless I missed it.

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