Ui-Builder with Mysql

Hi everyone,

i need to example, using ui-Builder with mysql? thanks

Hi Omar, can you give a bit more information about what you're looking for? Uibuilder will allow you to put together a frontend, and interact with the Node-RED flow. Mysql is a database. In order to read/write data from/to mysql, you'll need suitable nodes to interact with the database (try flows.nodered.org), and wire those in your flow with the uibuilder node. The how and what of that wiring depends on your use case.

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thanks, but i need how to show Data mysql in ui-Builder

Which bit don't you know how to do, fetching from mysql or displaying it?

displaying into ui-builder ? thanks

You need to trigger a flow that reads the data you wish to display from MySQL. You then pass that read data to uibuilder. You have to build a front-end UI using the uibuilder index.html and index.js files that takes the data that uibuilder passes to the front-end.

Start by taking the default uibuilder template and a simple flow to pass data from Node-RED to the front-end and display it. Once you've tried that, you can replace your example input with a mysql node to read the data.

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