UI Drop down odd behavior? During enable or disable, selected item lost, then magically appears?

UI Drop down odd behavior? So I create a static drop down menu node, it works. At some point in my flow I disable via msg.disabled the dropdown menu node, still good. But when I then enable said node via msg.enabled, the drop down has 'forgotten' the configuration before disable. If I then disable the node once more, the 'forgotten' selection magically appears. This is all illustrated by the notification updates for the mode, so the original setting must be stored somewhere but not restored on re-enable. This seems like really odd behavior.

I have tried sending the selection via msg.payload with the msg.enabled setting, but this fails to address the issue completely, I can see the UI Drop down menu node flicker to 'Select option' them change to the payload setting. This is rather ugly visually as well..

Maybe a sequence code logic issue with how the UI Drop down menu node is designed? Seems like the control node should not be flickering or changing anything on a straight forward enable/disable. I don't recall other control nodes resetting like this, i.e. forgetting the value set while using enable/disable.

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