UI media in NodeRed Dashboard

How to add some pict in NodeRed Dashboard?

I install


but i have error when insert the .png file. my error is :

16 Jun 14:55:49 - [red] Uncaught Exception:
16 Jun 14:55:49 - TypeError: path must be absolute or specify root to res.sendFile
at ServerResponse.sendFile (E:\node-red\node_modules\express\lib\response.js:425:11)
at C:\Users\muham.node-red\node_modules\node-red-contrib-ui-media\ui_media.js:288:17
at FSReqCallback.oncomplete (fs.js:171:23)

so what did you specify as the path to the file?
where is the .png file located on the machine running NR?

How to configure specify path?

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