Ui_text_input Questions / Suggestions

I have looked at the ui_control options but did not see a way to do what I like to do. (Also I do not have enough knowledge yet to use ui_builder). So here are a few of questions about the ui_text_input that perhaps someone may be able to answer:

  1. Is there a way to change the behaviour so that the popup would automatically close when “GO” is pressed?
  2. Can “GO” be changed to “ENTER”?
  3. Can “ESC” be added (as one of the empty buttons) which would close the popup without sending an entry?


can you show us a screen shot of what you mean ? I don't know where GO is coming from. They are all configurable.

What settings are you using in the ui_text_input node?

Hi dceejay,

I think I understand this a little better now. The behaviour in my phone and on my PC are a little different even though they both use Chrome.

I guess the "Go" is coming from my phone's Chrome browser. When I click on the ui_text_input number (I do not see the up / down arrows as I see on my PC), but a numeric keypad appears. Not sure if this is from Chrome or my cell phone? In order to close the numeric keypad, I need to tap on something outside of the popup. Clicking on "GO" does not close the popup. If I accidently changed the number, I have to put it back to what it was or it will be sent to Node-Red.

On my PC, I can directly enter values or if I move my cursor to the right of ui_text_input I see the up / down arrows.

I will have to look into this (perhaps something on my cell phone) but this is not exactly the best behaviour as it can make changes inadvertently. I think it has more to do with my Samsung cell phone or Chrome?

My bad. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Ah right yes - the text input node types are all "standard html5" and are directly handled by the browser - so yes the experience will differ across devices, browsers and versions.

Just did some more research, you are correct. I didn't realize that one can download different keyboards for the phone. I guess that is what I will need to do. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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