UI Numeric input widget - enter/tab to confirm text box input

Hello everyone,

Overall the experience with the Node Red dashboard UI toolkit has been fantastic, so many thanks to all who have contributed to and supported this fantastic project and product!

On the numeric input widget, in order to expose the keyboard text input option, I have used the change described here: Numeric node: can't change value by keyboard · Issue #509 · node-red/node-red-dashboard · GitHub : Setting the Value Format field to {{msg.payload}}.

However, as a result, any change is immediately forwarded to the output. I have added a 300ms debounce trigger, but this still is not quite ideal for many use cases, as the output can still be quite unstable while the user changes values by text input.

Is there a way to modify this widget such that the value is only changed via text input if the user presses enter/tab? This would be similar to the "text input" widget when delay is set to 0:

Additionally, one change I believe would be helpful as well is showing the input area as red until the enter key is pressed, as otherwise it is unclear whether the user has actually sent the change.

Looking forward to all thoughts and suggestions!

Thank you,

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