Numeric, text input, and slider questions/ideas

For the numeric input widget: is it possible to have the option to use a text input as opposed to having to use up and down arrows?

Similarly, is it possible to pass a validation function to the text input node to achieve the same functionality?

On the slider input widget, is it possible to have the option to show the current value on the dashboard?

Basically looking for a solution to allow floating point input between a range. The slider would be ideal, but doesn't show the current value. The numeric works but isn't very friendly since you have to hit the arrows a ton of times if you want to allow small steps. The text input would work, but the input needs to be validated, and it'd be ideal to validate in the node instead of adding function blocks outside to validate every single input.

Slider shows the value if configured to output only on release


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Thanks @hotNipi, didn't see anything in the info about that so never tried/saw it.

It is kind of new feature indeed. May be @dceejay can improve a bit the info page of slider node? Would be helpful i think.

PR always gratefully received

@dceejay, noted, I may try to submit some PRs in the near future.