Uibuilder and KNX Ultimate - How to read the initial value?


I need an idea of how I can read the initial values of my KNX bus.
I want to build a dashboard and initialize all widgets with the current values. For example Light on / off.

This is my current flow:

But the onChange listener does not work for the first value and I dont want to send all values in a cyclic interval.

The uibuilder sends a ctrl msg if it is ready:

uibuilderfe: prop set - prop: sentCtrlMsg, val: {"uibuilderCtrl":"ready for content","cacheControl":"REPLAY","from":"client","_socketId":"F2dcZjiO9GQXOKnHAABT"}

Do you have an idea or an example flow?


What I think you want is the cache example. So that whatever gets sent to the uibuilder node is saved. Connect the second output from uibuilder back to the cache node so that when a new client connects, the cache node sends the cache.

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