Uibuilder console output doesn't appear in console


i want to create a website with the uibuilder, but the console.log() function doesn't work...there is no output on console. Anybody knows this issue or will the console output from uibuilder not showed on the node red console?


I don't have own code, it's still the initial example coming with uibuilder.

Exactly where do you issue the console.log()? I think you need to look at the browser's console (dev tools), not the one where you launch Node-RED.

Please don't make bald statements like that as it will confuse other people.

console.log most certainly does work with uibuilder - uibuilder doesn't nothing to interfere with it anywhere.

If you are putting console.log statements into your index.js file, that runs in the BROWSER not in Node-RED as explained repeatedly in the docs.

which doc can you reference it?

There are 23 references to "front-end" in the README file, not all relevant to this though. It is doubtless mentioned in various places in the WIKI and probably several places in the new docs though they aren't published yet.

One of the key features of uibuilder is that it requires very little boilerplate in your front-end code and that it doesn't get in the way of your own code. That being the main purpose of the uibuilderfe library - stay out of the way but provide a simple way to exchange data between your front-end code and Node-RED.

That is why I specifically call out repeatedly that you can use uibuilder with ANY front-end library/framework. Or none at all if that is your preference.

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