uibuilder.eventSend not working with Bootstrap-Vue Spinbutton @change event

I'm building a dashboard in uibuilder with Vue2/Bootstrap, starting from the template provided. I'm using a Spinbutton to allow the user to change the values of certain settings. The @change event on the Spinbutton calls the doEvent(event) method in the component when the user changes the value of the form element, but uibuilder.eventSend(event) inside of doEvent(event) is not getting triggered in this scenario. A regular ol' button wired up to the same doEvent() method in the component works properly and sends the event back to Node-RED.

Does uibuilder.eventSend() only work with DOM events, or is there some way I can get this to work? Basically I'd like to send an updated value of the Spinbutton back to Node-RED on the change, and I'd prefer not to have to use a separate "Save" button. I do know that the @change event is sending a numeric value to doEvent() and not a DOM event object (as a click event on a button would).

Hi, the eventSend function is merely a convenience function that pulls together some standard data from a DOM event and is more for people who are not using a framework.

However, as you already have a function managing your event handling, you can replace it with a standard uibuilder.send and use the event object to get whatever you want and send it back to Node-RED.

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