uibuilder.sendEvent() breaks @v6.7.0

To reproduce this error use UIBuilder @v6.7.0 or later.
Use initial/default uibuilder installation, install vue in the library, use supplied template 'Vue3 no build step, ESM Client, Vue module'.

This page is rendered:

Enter some text in the text field (for the '....when you exit it' input box) and press tab.
The event is fired and the 'Data from front end' msg is received in nodeRED. However the payload.value=false.

Do all necessary to remove uibuilder and reinstall uibuilder directly with npm in .node-red directory:
npm i node-red-contrib-uibuilder@6.6.0

repeat the above tests and payload.value will contain the entered text.

Good spot. I can confirm this is, indeed and issue. Let me look to see what the issue is.

OK, found the bug. It is fixed in the v6.9 dev branch.

As a work-around, you can simply wrap your inputs in a <form> since that part of the code works just fine. It is only standalone inputs that aren't quite right. If you really need a fix sooner, I'll try to find some time to release a bug fix release but I'd prefer not to if it isn't critical.

Thanks for quick reply. Not critical for me, I can wait until v6.9. Thanks again.

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