Uibuilder v6.5.0-Dev - updates

Hi, been having a break from major coding, partly to recharge and partly because life has been getting in the way.

But I managed to put in a spell this weekend, still working towards a v6.5.0 release (which will become v7 with a new minimal node.js version if Node-RED manages to get its release through the door!)

As always, you can follow along by installing from GitHub using the v6.5.0 branch.

For the uib-element zero-code node:

  • Added a passthrough option. This will pass the msg.payload which is normally removed by this node. The client library also updated so that an input msg with both msg._ui and msg.payload properties will trigger onChange processing to allow you to do further processing in front-end code if you wish to. You can, of course also manually add a msg.payload separately if you want to.
  • Added support for textarea and select (drop-downs) inputs.
  • Fixed the return values for checkboxes.

For the uibuilder client library:

  • A new uibuilder.notify function. This uses the browser Notification API to utilise operating system notifications (AKA "Toasts"). The function also has an option that lets you link to the eventSend function to allow some user interaction to be reported back to Node-RED with a single line of code.
  • Improvements to the eventSend function allowing for checkboxes and adding input field types to the returned details.

uib-brand.css updates:

  • .compact and button.compact classes added.
  • The CSS now has a minified version which you should use in your code.
  • A whole bunch more CSS variables added to allow you more control.

And the usual bug-fixes and documentation improvements.

As always, the full list of changes is in the CHANGELOG.md file.


Another day, another quick update.

A new dynamically created web page that shows all of the uibuilder instances and provides links to them.

This page is user-facing not admin-facing and so is accessible to everyone. I'll be adding a switch to settings.js so that you can turn it off if you want to.

To support this page, 2 new optional properties have been added to the uibuilder node. You will find them on the Advanced tab in the Editor panel. The 2 properties are "title" which gives a short description - you can see it on the same line as the instance name in the screenshot. "descr" which gives a longer description that, if supplied, is shown underneath the main entry.

In the example, you can see descriptions added to 2 of the example flows available in the library. I will update the examples to include these. At the bottom, you can see a couple of instances that don't have any descriptions.

The page is not updated dynamically (without user input), if you add a new endpoint app or update descriptions, simply reload the page.

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