Uibuilder v6.1 dev progress #6 - extending and fixing zero-code

Another update just landed in GitHub.

uib-element updates:

  • 2 new element types for uib-element to add table and list rows to existing tables/lists.
  • The ability to add those rows at any point in the table/list as well as the first/last position.
  • Some improved info text

Client updates:

  • A new function uibuilder.uiGet(cssSelector [, propName]) - Get data from the DOM. Returns selection of useful properties unless a specific property requested.

    Data can be sent straight back to Node-RED:
    uibuilder.send( uibuilder.uiGet('input') ) (gets all useful properties from all input fields on the page)

    Another example - getting all of the input values only:
    uibuilder.send( uibuilder.uiGet('input', 'value') )

    Will be callable from Node-RED at some point. For now, only available in front-end code. A watch function is also on the cards so that you will be able to tell the client to watch for various changes to the UI (changes to inputs for example) and automatically send information back to Node-RED.

Some further bug fixes and some things that need fixing have been added to the changelog as a reminder.

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