Uibuilder v6.1 dev progress #7 - Final functional updates

Yes, here it is - the final code push for functional changes!

Assuming no bugs found, just need some regression testing, check the templates, update all of the examples. And hopefully some more documentation tweaks.

Then we will be ready to publish v6.1.

In this push, you will see some final tweaks to the layout of the new uib-update and uib-element nodes. The biggest change in this push is the fact that you can now use uib-update in "delete" mode.

Here is an example zero-code pair of flows that firstly create an on-screen list (actually 2 different data inputs) and secondly, a series of updates to the list that add new entries, change the bullet for one of the entries to a tick-box and deletes an entry from the middle of the list.

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OK, so maybe not quite the final functional update then :grin:

As I was doing the final template updates and preparing the updated examples, I hit on another useful feature which is now implemented in the client library.

So you will now be able to control certain aspects of the client library such as changing the browser log level, turning on/off the visible formatted message display, setting a variable or getting the value of a variable - all from Node-RED with zero front-end code.

Because of all these zero-code updates, the "blank" template really is now blank! Well it has a title. But it no longer has any JavaScript code and in fact, the load of index.js is commented out completely.

A new draft document is also added to the documentation covering zero-code use of uibuilder as well as one covering how to control the client from Node-RED.

Here is the list of things in the client that you will eventually be able to control from node-red:

  • get/set
  • showMsg(boolean, parent=body)
  • clearHtmlCache(), saveHtmlCache(), restoreHtmlFromCache()
  • htmlSend()
  • getStore, setStore, removeStore
  • watchDom(startStop)
  • setPing

The ability to fix in place updated HMTL (via save and load from cache) is particularly interesting as is the ability to send the whole HTML back to node-red (not there yet, probably v6.2 release rather than this one.


Another day, another update.

Squashed some more bugs in regression testing.

More importantly though, managed to squeeze in another zero-code element type (due to the fact that I wanted to use it in one of my own UI's!).

So simple but useable FORMS are now added along side tables, lists, html, titles and text boxes.

You can very simply create a form for getting data into Node-RED with no coding required at all.

Other notable things in this push:

  • A new, comprehensive example added to the library. Shows off ALL of the zero-code element types along with some dynamic update examples. All on a single flow tab.

As always, this is available to try right now - please do test it out. Install/update with:

cd ~/.node-red
npm install totallyinformation/node-red-contrib-uibuilder#v6.1.0