Uibuilder web components

i am attempting to send a temperature value of lets say 29 to uibuilder using web components
i have an inject button that sends this:-
"method": "update",
"id": "otemp",
i also send a msg.payload of "29"

i have a line in html
<labelled-value label="My Value" label id ="otemp" value= "18"></labelled-value>

the value 18 does indeed change but not to 29 the value is repeated and i get 2929

i have read a reference to repeated values but do not understand what i need to do, any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation

I guess it rather depends on how your labelled-value component works. But getting the result you are means that you have catenated together 2 strings somehow.

What framework are you using? Vue? Something else?

If Vue, then you need to replace the static ="18" with a Vue data variable and update that with your incoming msg payload.

Hi ,
Yes it is vue and using the data variable did work , still not sure how I got 2 strings?
but as always problem solved !

Thank you @TotallyInformation

You can make use of JSON objects, so you can send as many stringe as you need

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