Unable to edit function nodes after update (only with Monaco; ace works fine)

After upgrading from an older version of NR I am unable to edit function nodes. This behaviour is only present when using the monaco editor. When changing to the ace editor I'm perfectly able to alter the code in the nodes.

Some details:

  • I upgraded my Raspberry Pi 3 Node-RED using the script as recommended: Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED with the addition of "--node14".
  • After upgrading again using the same script but with the addition "--node16" nothing noticable changed.
  • This behaviour is present on both existing and new function nodes.
  • Deploying altered flows works without issues.
  • Apart from this issue, Node-RED functions perfectly.
  • Verbose (trace) log outputs does not show anything suspicious.
  • Using projects (a single project)

What could be the issue here?

Welcome to the forum @JorisKingma

What browser and version are you using? Can you try a different browser?

I'm using Chrome (Windows 10). However, when using Edge, the problem persists.
I did not have this issue prior to upgrading.

This is an old problem.

When monaco was first released, we noticed a hand full of contrib nodes were using an old (bad) version of something called multiple-select.js - where the user could not type.

You may have one of these node installed.

Deconz was the bad guy here; after updating the node (Hamburger menu at the top right > Manage palette) the editor is fully functioning!

Thanks for the quick reply.

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