Unable to find exec node

Sorry, this might be a very naive question. But unfortunately I am unable to figure it out. The problem is that, I have built a dashboard and for now I used the fake data, just to make sure that things work. But now I need to actually take the data from a python machine learning model from Watson studio. I read that Exec node can be used. But I could not even find the exec node in my palette. Can I know how can I get that and use it for my purpose?Thank you in advance

The exec node is disabled by default in the IBM Cloud environment. This is because it doesn't provide any easy way for you to install extra OS packages that the exec node could run.

To re-enable the node, you'll need to edit your application's bluemix-settings.js file and remove the exec entry from the nodeExcludes property.

Thank you. But exec node is what I need to achieve my purpose right?

maybe - maybe not - you may be able to use an API call to get the results from your model would be a more "normal" way to do it.That may be simple or it may not (I've not tried)... There is this doc that may be useful (or may not)...