Unable to get file from a FTP server using advanced-ftp node in Active Mode

Using an advanced-ftp node, I was successfully able to get a file regularly from an FTP server to my local system which was by default in Passive Mode. However, due to some changes in my internet router's policy, I can fetch the file details like 'file size' using the same advanced-ftp node but am unable to 'get' files from the FTP server.
Moreover, I tried getting files using some other FTP clients like WinSCP but as they have the option to select Active/Passive mode, I am able to get the desired file in Active mode.
So, the problem is in the advanced-ftp node in Node-Red, there is no such option to change Passive mode to Active mode.
Can someone help me to resolve this issue?

This is a contrib node, so you should open an issue on the nodes GitHub page

Oh Ok. Thanks! I'll do that.

I have had poor success with ftp nodes, I switched to using an Exec node and running the appropriate system ftp commands to do what I wanted.

I have literally no idea about Exec nodes. Basically, I want to get a CSV file from an FTP server. Could you suggest me some ways or an example using Exec node? @Colin

Exec nodes are simple. You can just pass it the command you want to run. You don't need a sample flow for that.
As to what command to run, which you have not asked about, that depends on the OS you are using, so you will have to research that.

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