Unable to retry username/password for remote git repository

I have a remote repository at bitbucket for my Node-RED project. I was trying to connect to the repository, but accidentally entered the wrong password in the popup that appears when you click on the branch in the "manage remote branch" dialog. Now if I click on the branch the popup just appears and says:

An unexpected error occurred:
remote: Invalid username or password fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://bitbucket.org/......

It doesn't give me the option to retry the username/password.

This has happened in the past and one time I basically had to create a new project and then link to the repository...I'd like to avoid that this time.

thanks for any advice!

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That is odd - we specifically look for that error message so we can reprompt for credentials.

Maybe the precise wording of the error is subtly different from bitbucket... Will investigate.

If you get into this state again, restart Node-RED. We only store git credentials in memory, so a restart will flush whatever we think is the right credentials and we'll reprompt for them.

thanks, restarting nodered worked to get the password dialog up again. I also confirmed that the cause is definitely entering the correct username, but incorrect password, and I am using bitbucket.

I'm having the same problem with GitHub and Nodered 1.1.1