Re-enter credentials

While trying to push a project to git for the first time I accidentally entered the wrong password. I did manage to push from the command line but now I cannot commit any changes as the authentification box does not appear and the commit fails.

Node-RED only remembers the credentials you enter in memory. So if you restart NR, it should prompt you again the next time.

But in general, I would expect NR to detect the error and handle it. Is there anything in the NR log?

This is an old DietPi installation, I cannot find a node-red.log file!

You may be able to
sudo journalctl -u node-red -o cat

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Worked Dave, but I had already restarted node-red to try Nick's suggestion, which also worked. I'll try it again sometime to see if the log shows an error when entering the wrong credentials.

Running the bash upgrade from the pi instructions should add the node-red-start stop and log commands -if you wanted them. (But then advise you to upgrade via the duetpi software mechanism. )

I am moving my controllers back to plain Raspbian, it's easier to keep up with. The Dietpi guys made an upgrade breaking change recently which annoyed me. Not a big thing, I am only doing home automation stuff after all.