Unauthorised at localhost:1880/flows

Hi, I am trying to download the entire tabs code by :- localhost:1880/flows
it's showing unauthorised.

I do have another question, how to stop node red in the window platform. while trying "node-red-stop" its doesn't work.

Im interested in this too.

Thats for RPi / linux (not available on windows).

If you run node-red in a cmd window by entering node-red just close it or ctrl+c to stop it.
if you run it as a service, stop the service.

With localhost, you are trying to access this on the same machine that node-red is running?
If you are, have you tried replacing local host with the IP address of the machine?

Have you setup a user name and password for Node-RED?

Yes, I do. But i did login successful before access node-red flows

Being logged into the editor doesn't mean you can just access the admin endpoints in a different browser window.

As described in the docs, you need to set the authorisation http header properly with an access token: https://nodered.org/docs/api/admin/methods/get/flows/

This page describes how to get a token: https://nodered.org/docs/api/admin/oauth

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