Underscore _ missing? Any ideas why?

This is an odd one.

I copied over a flow from one raspberry pi to another (pi3b+ running NR v1.0.3 to pi4 running NR v1.0.3). I copied the flow by exporting to clipboard, copying, emailing, then pasting in as text to a new flow.

The flow is working fine.

But....... I have noticed that any place where I had an underscore _ it is now missing in Node-Red editor in the code sections of functions & ui_templates. When I press the underscore key it just looks like a blank space. The underscore is however appearing in tab headers and the name fields of functions, templates etc

The underscore must still be there as it is calling an image file with an underscore in it elsewhere in the code without any trouble or errors. This is confirmed as when I checked the flow export the underscores are there in the code.

Screen shots below showing original (top) and new code (middle) with missing underscore, and photo of exported code on new Pi4 showing underscores are there (bottom).

Any ideas on what would cause this issue? Just to summarize the issue is the underscore is not appearing in the code sections of function and ui_templates.


This can happen if you've zoomed in or out of the page. Causes the underscore to not render properly.

Try resetting your zoom back to 100%


It was set at 100% and I had not played with it.

I just changed to 90% and 110% zoom and underscores reappear. If I go back to 100% it disappears again. Strange. Thanks for super responsiveness to my question.

I noticed that too sometimes on my Xubuntu machine using Chromium.

Seems to be a weird fonts and/or zooming issue. I couldn't pin it down so far, just learned to live with it. :sweat_smile:

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