Unexpected socket close error

I want to send an email with gmail but when its sending i get a error unexpected socket close. How to fix this?

Are you using a google application password or just the account password?

What version of node-red, node-js are you using?

Which email node are you using (provide a link to it in the flows library)?

Where is node-red installed (docker? HA plugin, on a PI, etc)?

I am using application password now
I am using 16.17.0 for node-js and for node-red i have no idea
The other 2 questions i dont understand sorry

Show us which email mode you have installed and are using

How did you install node-red?

I installed node-red with a line of code in my cmd

ok, so I see you are using good versions of everything.

More questions...

  1. Does the computer where node-red is installed have internet access?
  2. Can you show us a screen shot of the email node, the msg you send to it (debug panel screenshot) and the exact error (screenshot of error you see)?
  3. Can you share a demo flow (To share a flow, select nodes, right click, export, copy to clipboard, paste into reply)

I fixed it, im sorry for wasting youre time. Thank you for helping.

It could be helpful to others in the future, if you post your solution here ?

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