Unifi Controller coexist with NR

Hi NR community.

I have a RPi 4, 4Gb solely being used to serve NR at the moment. I am thinking about also installing the Unifi Controller software on it as well which only has some Acess points to deal with. Has anyone run this setup and if so was there any performance hit on NR? I'm thinking that the RPi has plenty of horsepower for this but I just don't have the RPi experience/background to be 100%. Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks!

Edit: Extra challenge, Unifi only supports Java 8, if I install that concurrently with Java 11 (which is currently supporting NR) will NR have an issue?

I have it running on a Pi3 with Node-RED, Mosquitto, InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana.

There is certainly a hit though. It uses Java which is always a hog. Still, it works.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

I am running a Pi3 with

  • Node-red
  • MQTT
  • Grafana
  • Influx
  • 2 x VLC transcoding instances converting H264 to MJPEG for dashboard
  • Local port 80 webserver

Its working hard bit not overloaded!

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Hi all,

Just reporting back in case anyone else wants to try this. Adding the Unifi controller to work concurrently with NR on an RPi4 is/was no issue. Both are humming along just fine (knock on wood :slight_smile: )

Important point here Java != JavaScript (nodeJS)

Node-RED is written in JavaScript runs on the NodeJS runtime, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Java.

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Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that, thanks for clarifying. Obviously I'm a Java, NodeJS, etc newbie (PLCs/HMIs are my bailiwick of which none of that applies here) and after a little more research I figured that out.

Thanks again all for the feedback.

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