Using Node 15.7 or 15.8 with NR?

Using Node 15.7 or 15.8 with NR? Anyone done this as yet?

There have been some problems with 15.x and I believe it will never be supported officially as it is not an LTS. The next to be supported will be 16. That is my understanding anyway.
However, if you want to test with 15 and report problems then I am sure the developers will be interested to know of any issues.

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I am not aware of any core Node-RED issues with Node 15.

The question, as ever, will be whether any contrib nodes have issues - particularly those with binary components.

Yeah, since not on the LTS... not sure it is worth moving to 15.7 or .8 for now. Maybe as an experiment, ok. But I am not going to move the bulk of my Pi devices that far ahead of the curve. I have a Pi4 I can dedicate to using 15.x on, so well report back any odd results.

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