Node-RED on raspberry pi under Arch Linux

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is it possible to run node red under Arch Linux on raspberry pi and if so, is there any instruction how to install it there?

Help is very welcome!

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The generic install instructions should work. (Not the pi install script). Install 12. Then command line install Node-RED as per the docs

Hi dceejay,

thanks for the quick answer. I saw node.js is also supported in version 14 lts.
Do you think it would be more future proof to use this or is it too early?

I'm running NR on Arch on a server but it's the same as an Rpi just beefier (not because NR needs it but I run several apps on that box). You'll want to install:

aur/nodejs-node-red 1.2.2-1

The maintainer hasn't updated to 1.2.3 yet and with the issues I've read about here I'm holding off even when he does.

I'm using nodejs 14.14.0 with no issues. Note that the repo has 15.2.0 for the latest so you'll need to add this package to pacman.conf (IgnorePkg = nodejs) to keep it from updating. I haven't tried v15 but I saw in the NR docs that they only support even-numbered versions and I chose not to be a guinea pig.

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Yes 14 should be fine.

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Thanks a lot. I'll see how for I'll come :wink:

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