Node.js v20 valid with Node-RED v3.1.0. Any success? I had issues with i2c

Is anyone running node.js v20 w/ node-RED v3.1.0? I had issues with flows that communicated with i2c, so I went back to node.js v18 and all is good. Didn't know if I'm trying to be too bleeding edge...

Likely a node 20 thing.

Did you try node-red 3.0.2 + node 20?

Glad to see it works with 18 - which means you should probably raise an issue to let the author know

I assume you rebuilt all nodes when you moved to v20?

ncd-comm wouldn't rebuild and that's a bit of a foundation for some of the i2c nodes I use.... I'll try again on a 3rd Rpi4B 4GB Bullseye 64bit that I have kicking around later this week.

OK, so that is probably the issue I guess. You might need to raise it with the authors.

In case you didn't realize, nodejs 20 is not yet officially supported by node red. In practice there are very few issues, but you appear to have found one of them.

Yeah, i knew it wasn't officially supported.. which is why I asked the question... just to see if anyone had started trying it.

I have been using it for months with no problems. v20 will become an LTS in October, so node-red should officially support it then, I believe. That will not fix any problems with contributed nodes of course.

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