Uninstall default node and install it when required

Hello there,

I've freshly opened new node-red while opening, I can see some while going to manage pallette, default node is present as shown in below attachment.

I just want to know is there any way I can uninstall/Remove this and if later required, install it again ? thanks

If you notice, that has forty (40) nodes. These are all the base nodes that are installed like the inject, debug, 'function', 'delay'...I'm not going to list them all, you can go read the list.

So if you removed it, how would you build a flow? And any existing flow that used any of those 40 nods would stop working.

Though having said that, there IS a way to HIDE the core nodes if you really can't stand them. The settings.js file has a property that lets you hide nodes and prevents their use.

But as Paul says, it might not be that good an idea.

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