Unknown node type "uc-iodataIn" and "uc-iodataOut"

I am with a project in which there are some unknown nodes, "uc-iodataIn" and "uc-iodataOut", could someone tell me what library I have to use to make them work?

You really need to provide more information, remember no one but you can see what you are doing.

Did you try a google search using uc-iodataIn?
If so, what results did you find? If not, why not?

Those maybe nodes provided by the hardware manufacturer, so you may need to contact them.

I tried a google search and found only a Python library.

But there is a mention of uc-iodataIn in a post from Dec 2021 Extracting data from an array

If the poster, @Bastian is still around, maybe he can advise you.

There is also a flow example
but it doesn't explain what the name of the node is or where to get it.

Hi there.

The Node-RED environment of a company called Weidmüller uses similar customized iodata-in and iodata-out nodes on their automation control.

Checking for uc-iodata nodes I get the following:

They are used to transfer data from the real time system of the automation control to the Node-RED instance which is running on a second non-realtime instance. Those nodes don't seem to make sense without the Weidmüller hardware.


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