Unpublished experimental nodes

I just want to share an old set of nodes I created years ago.

I didn't push them in the flows repo cause it felt it won't be useful to everyone for its proprietary purpose, aside from it being experimental and not properly maintained. Here's it

That's a lot of nodes! As you already mentioned it's difficult to say if these will be of use to someone but who knows, there's a lot of stuff to dig through. But regardless of that I think it's cool that you shared them. :+1:

In case you haven't noticed, the link to lloopp on the GitHub repo seems to be old/broken.

yeah, it’s now naturalintelligencesolutions.ai
there no pioneers left there

Just to be safe can you remove the node-red keyword from the package.json. That will ensure it won’t get added to the flows library by mistake. Thanks

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Yup, thanks for that, I didnt publish these to npm, so no worries :slight_smile:

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