Updating NR but not to **the** latest version

I am biting the bullet and updating a RasPi from Stretch to Buster.
Model B Rev 2.

Just flashed the SD card and am soon going to power down the old machine and stick in the new card.

I think the latest version of NR may kill it seeing how a RasPi3 B like it.

So, how will I install it to 1.0.3?

I know it is a dumb question - but some one has to ask and it may as well be me.

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Alas not to do with Node-Red - I hope - I flashed the SD card, plugged it in, updated and the poor thing was running 100% CPU load all the time. :frowning:

So Buster doesn't seem to like the old RasPi.

Shall have to find out what is going on.

top didn't show anything really hogging the CPU.

Got around to installing htop and the same. Nothing sticking out - as it were.

Got me beat. Shall have to ask RasPi people.

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