Upgrade node-red framework from 1.x to 4.x to my project

I develop some custom module into node-red project from v1.x. Now I want upgrade node-red to 4.x, I don't want to merge my code to the new node-red framework because the change is big. Which upgrade method is best for me?

The current version of node-red is 3.0.2

Do you mean your changes are to the core of node-red?

If not then I don't understand what the problem is. There are very few breaking changes between node-red v1.x and 3.0.2. You can look at the change notes to see what those are. But initially I suggest just upgrading node red (on a test machine of course) and see what happens. You will need nodejs at least 14, but 16 or 18 are recommended.

Yes. That right. I custom editor-api, editor-client, node-red-contrib. Thanks for your idea. I will check the difference between 2 versions first

Contrib nodes should not be an issue, you should just able to re-install them.
Changes you made to the node-red core will have to be merged in to the latest code.

[Edit] in fact, for contrib nodes you should not even need to re-install.

You may need to reinstall some if they have a binary component and you also upgrade nodejs.

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