USB RFID Reader and Pi keyboard Node

Dear all,
I have a simple setup where I use a generic USB RFID Reader (as this ) one) to read a RFID card and "do stuff" (yes, play some music in sonos).
The PI Keyboard Node gets the ID of the card, which is 10 characters and ends with a "28", i.e. the "enter".
As soon as I lift the card from the reader, the indicator light changes from green (Activated) to red (deactivated), but there is no change on the output of a debug node linked to the Pi Keyboard Node.
Is there anyone else that knows, if it is possible to capture this "remove card" from the Neuftech reader on Node-Red?
The idea is to use this to pause the music that is playing at the moment.

Thanks a lot for any help.

Is there any option to configure the reader to send a message for that ?

This would be a pretty good approach. But the software allows only to change the format or add some strings to the end of the ID being read.
Any other idea or experience with this kind of reader?

No sorry, if they don't send anything I don't know how you could detect it. You could use a trigger node to send a second message after a fixed timeout but that's not really the same.

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