Help with Nodes Pi Keyboard and contrib sonos plus

Hallo all,
I have a usb rfid reader and as soon as I read a rfid Tag it is setup to play a music in sonos.
The pi keyboard node reads the tag and via a switch linked to the Sonos node it plays the song.
I wanted to do two things here, but hasn’t found a way yet to do so:

  1. It would be great that when the rfid tag is not in contact anymore, that the song being played in Sonos pauses. The usb reader changes a color from green to red to indicate this, but I the debug node of the Pi keyboard there is no indication of that. Any ideas?

  2. I would like to control via a dashboard node where the song should be played. Any ideas on how to proceed here? I could not send the ‘state’ togehhtet with the payload somehow, to the Sonos node....
    Thanks for any help!

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