USB unmount: target is busy

Dear all,

I have a problem with my USB. I cannot seem to eject it because the target is busy.
I use it to store sensor data from my flow as .CSV

The question is: How can I "un-busy" my USB?

You seem to be trying to unmount rather than eject (which will unmount anyway).

Thank-you for your reply. Could you explain me how to fix it?

Have you looked up the Linux eject command?

sudo umount -f -l /media/pi/usb?

That's the unmount command again. There is a different command for removable USB media. eject

Need to double check!

Doesn't seem to work

Seriously? Did you even do what I suggested first time around? I don't think you did.

Please go look up the details of the eject command and how to use it.

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