Use both MCP3008 Device IDs

I have two MCP3008 and would like to read them out via Node-Red. My problem is that I can only read it out for one Device ID. If I set the first A/D-Converter to CE0, the second A/D-Converter also use CE0, although it is set to CE1. Is it possible to use both Device IDs?

I have installed: node-red-node-pi-mcp3008
A Node-RED node to read from the MCP3008 Analogue to Digital Converter

Many thanks in advance.

Maybe this topic can help you; Use SPI1 in Node-RED

Thank you for your answer. I tried to use the SPI1 bus for the second A/D-Converter, but I have the same result. My properties:

For the first mcp3008:
Device: mcp3008
Input pin: A6
Device ID: CE1
SPI Bus: 0

For the second MCP3008
Device: mcp3008
Input pin: A6
Device ID: CE0
SPI Bus: 1

For a Test i have an output at the debug window. I get the same value for the first and the second MCP3008. If i remove the first mcp3008 from the raspberry, I also get the value 0 for both.

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