Use Homematic smoke detector as a siren under Nodered

I would like to use a Homematic smoke detector under Nodered/Redmatic as a siren. The system runs on RaspberryMatic. I can trigger this function using a script on the Raspberrymatic interface:(datapoints.Get("HmIP-RF.000A5D89B4457C:1.SMOKE_DETECTOR_COMMAND")).State(3);
The smoke detector will then beep three times. Now I want to include this function in Nodered/Redmatic. I use different Homematic nodes. Unfortunately I didn't get any results. Does anyone have a tip for me which node or which syntax is suitable?

Many Thanks


I have found a compromise. I can address my smoke detector via the "value node". The smoke detector beeps three times.
I didn't find any command that he beeps longer. You could perhaps have the command "3" repeated several times. Then you would have a siren for an alarm system.

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