Use Node-Red as a Workflow system

Hi Node-Red Team,
I want to use node red as a Workflow system for our Input Management purposes. This means that we want to deliver scanned Images to a process and deliver ocr results to our Clients. All the Modules (Image Processing, OCR, ICR) is already done. We just need a workflow system. If there is a way to do this with Node Red?

Hi @ThomasUllrich666

the answer is yes, there probably is a way to do it.

But without more specific details its hard to give a more specific answer.

When you say your modules are already done, what do you mean? What form do these modules take? Are they HTTP services you can call? Are they code modules in some language?

Ok. Nice. Our Modules are triggered rather by a message queues or by a HTTP Call. (depending if it is a synchronous or asynchronous behavior). Node Red is a open source Product. Is there a way to get professional support? (like RedHat is doing this?)

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