Use variable for timeout in wait until node

I am using a couple of "wait util" node in my flows. Is it possible to get the "timeout" value from a variable? what should be the syntax?

"wait util" is from node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket

it would help to know the full name (node-red-contrib-???) of the "wait until" nodes you are talking about.

Sorry I forgot that, it is from node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket. Added to the post.

If you are trying to get the time out value I'd put a debug node set to display the complete msg object and see what shows up.

If you want to set the vaalut in a msg being sent to the node, I'd consult with the documentation for the node (I haven't used) or if no one else chimes in here, raise an issue in Github.

It would be good to post a link to the node in the NPM repository.

Are you trying to wait until a time or wait until a certain amount of time has passed ?

You may get more answers on the HA forum as i am sure others would be using this node


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