How to use variables on a ha-wait-until node timeout parameter?

I have a subflow, which has a ha-wait-until node in it. When I put variable notation (maybe this is the correct term?), I get only one output for the node. When I put numbers in, I get two output nodes as expected.

With pictures, the problematic situation, only one output:

Two outputs when values are entered to timeout and wait until value fields:

How can I get two output nodes when using variables in the timeout and wait until parameter fields?

Just noticed from the node documentation, that only the Entity ID accepts Mustache Templates. So that's the explanation why it doesn't work with other fields. So do I have to pass the parameters within the msg object then?

What options do you get when you select the chevron to the right?

Number and expression.

This is a HA node, non standard, so i do not have it.. What do you mean expression? Whats the symbol?

Did you mean this?

you should be able to access
msg.timeout in J:expression

just type timeout
or enviro variable

Yes, thanks so much :)! The $env("timeout") did the trick. I did not know the way main flow communicates with the subflow. Good to know!

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