User generated table of schedules with ability to "select" enteries

I am thinking of making a table of things that are scheduled to happen at given times.
I shall try to use cron+, but I'm stuck with making a nice table where there are options when the list is shown.

1 - Delete entry. (Given)
2 - Toggle state of entry. (On/Off)
3 - Create new entry.

The entries will have their Name, time to action, status and a state register.

So if something is supposed to happen at 14:00 and I click the button at 13:50, at 14:00 it doesn't try to start it again. (yeah, that could be done externally) But the table (list?) will have to accept input to show/indicate if it is on or off.

Maybe there is exactly what I want out there, but I am not seeing it.
Even so, there may be something that would/could help. Same: I'm not seeing it.

Thanks in advance.

I guess I could just bash one up out of text and button nodes. But, I was just asking.

Have you considered these?

With the table widget you can achieve very rich scenarios, like this one: [Announce] remote device table (and collaboration wanted)

For something more simple, you could just use an UI template node with a standard HTML table and some buttons (some knowledge of AngularJS required).

Wow! Thanks

Looked at the announcement link.

That will need a bit (lot) of study.

like this?

I hadn't clicked that this is/was a GUI option.

the title states dashboard

Dynamic cron schedules / timers via dashboard control

Remember: I'm not the smartest. :wink:

More research needed by me.

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