Using a GPLv3 Licensed Contrib Node (node-red-contrib-kafka-manager)

I am using the node-red-contrib-kafka-manager in my sample flows.
The dependency to the contrib node is added to my package.json

"node-red-contrib-kafka-manager": "0.5.0"

This contrib Node or group of nodes (node-red-contrib-kafka-manager (node) - Node-RED)
comes with the License: GPL-3.0
Here is the official Quick Guide to GPLv3 - A Quick Guide to GPLv3 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

My question is, can I distribute this package (including the node-red-contrib-kafka-manager) without opening my source code.
NOTE - I am not modifying the Contrib Node, I am just a user

Also when I read Open Source Software Licenses 101: GPL v3 - FOSSA

I found -

Using the Licensed Code

The GPL v3 license permits users of the code to:

  • Use the code for commercial purposes: Like GPL v2, GPL v3 imposes no conditions on the internal use of the software.
  • Change the code: Users can change or rework the code, but if they distribute these changes/modifications in binary form, they’re also required to release these updates in source code form under the GPL v3 license.
  • Distribute copies or modifications of the code: As long as these modifications are also released under the GPL v3 license, they can be distributed to others.
  • Place warranty: Distributors of the original code can offer their own warranty on the licensed software.

Like its predecessor, GPL v3 does not allow users to sublicense the code. In other words, you cannot rework, alter, or add to the code, then close those changes off to the public. The “open source-ness” of the original code follows any update or addition.

Please suggest in the right direction.

No-one here is lawyer

But we (all) believe in open-source and we (all) believe in contributing to it

So your asking the wrong people I'm afraid :slight_smile:

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