Using dashboard widget inside UI-template?

Default widgets for the dashboard are great , they let you quickly build an UI for the data.
However I have real trouble positioning columns that are 12 wide causing that group/column to overlap over the other columns when they are more then 4
I've tried to override certain css in a custom ui-template but the column position is absolute and is set at element level and my rules get overridden and ignored.
So my question is two fold:
· is it possible to get a hold of the css rules for the dashboard or override them somehow, or other tricks to have a 12 column group correctly displayed when there are >4 number of column?

· is otherwise possible to have the chart, the slider and the gauge widgets inside a ui-template where I can have my custom layout?

Wondering if anyone knows the answer to this? I also would love to know how to use widgets and groups inside of the confines of a template node.

you can't use existing widgets inside a template - you can use the template to add your own.

This may be too late and I hopefully get what you want right but considering your second question, it could be solved in a way that you put your widgets in separate ui_groups and position them yourself via css.

Here is an example how to position a group (though 'position: fixed' shall be 'absolute' I guess): How to lock the dashboards groups locations

Besides that if you load that css from a file (must be put in the folder defined by httpStatic) via an http template added to the html head like:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/mystyle.css?id=2313143423423">

by modifying the id you may even be able to force the browser to reload it whenever the css is modified dynamically. However, I haven't tried that so this is just theory.